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Your Mummy Called

April 20, 2017

New Mummy Exhibit Unraveled in New York City

The American Museum of Natural History in New York City is hosting a special exhibit that your student tour group does not want to miss!

For thousands of years, mummification was practiced as a way of preserving and honoring the dead.  “Mummies” brings your educational tour group face to face with some of these ancient individuals and reveals how scientists are using modern technology to discover stunning details about them and their cultures.

The museum’s exhibit includes never seen before artifacts from Egypt and South America as well as 18 different mummies and ancient remains.  Interactive tablets allow visitors to virtually unwrap the mummies.

Your school trip group will discover when, how, and why ancient Egyptians and Peruvians were mummified and find out who they were in life on your next field trip to New York City.

Student Tours, Educational Tours, or Group Tours, Colonial Capital Tours ( will customize your New York City educational trip for you and your New York City student tour!

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