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Celebrate Women’s History Month in Boston

March 16, 2017


Perhaps no other city in America holds as much history as Boston.  It’s not surprising then that its main sites have become a pilgrimage trail for Americans and for others who hope to get a sense of the role of women in our nation’s history.  Your educational tour may include some of these sites, noted for their women’s history:

(1) The Boston Women’s Memorial is a trio of sculptures commemorating famous women’s rights advocates, Phillis Wheatley, Abigail Adams, and Lucy Stone.  Each was committed to social change and memorialized their ideas which impacted significantly on women’s history.
(2) The Boston Women’s Heritage Trail tells diverse and remarkable stories, and forever weaves Boston women back into the fabric of the “city upon a hill.” A series of walking tours through several neighborhoods leads past sites important to Boston women’s history.
(3) Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum tells the story of the Boston Tea Party in 1773.  Visitors are greeted by a high tech image of two women on the wharf talking about the Tea Party from a women’s perspective.
(4) Enjoy a visit to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, one of the world’s most visited museums.  Women artists abound in the collection of over 450,000 artifacts and paintings housed in the museum.
(5) Boston’s Sports Museum, showcases The Evolution of Women’s Basketball.  See how women’s basketball uniforms have evolved from bloomers of the 1890s to the high tech materials of today.

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