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Niagara Falls Unveils Its Dazzling Makeover

December 8, 2016


Niagara Falls recently brightened up with the help of a new $3.1 million LED lighting system.  The new lights provide more than twice the previous lighting levels, programmable lighting, and a wider spectrum of color.  A more consistent lighting effect will also provide educational tour groups and visitors with a brilliant light show.

Each night, educational tours to Niagara Falls enjoy a light show that transforms Niagara Falls into an incredible, multi-colored water and light masterpiece.  A school trip to Niagara Falls will provide your student tour group with a breathtaking view not to be missed.

On your next field trip to Canada, your student tour can join the 20 million visitors to the iconic North American tourist attraction that both the USA and Canada can claim as their own.  Colonial Capital Tours will customize your Niagara Falls field trip for you and your Niagara Falls educational tour group!

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