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Colonial Capital Tours Names Its Favorite Statues in NYC!

March 25, 2016


Colonial Capital Tours knows New York City well and has compiled a list of its five favorite statues of women.

Lady Liberty graces New York Harbor as New York City’s largest statue.  She is viewed as a universal symbol of freedom.  Joan of Arc was New York City’s first statue immortalizing a real woman.  Joan of Arc can be found on Riverside Drive between 72nd and 158th Streets.  As a testament to her literary greatness, Gertrude Stein was placed near the New York Public Library at Sixth Avenue and 40th Street.  The full body likeness of Eleanor Roosevelt, leaning against a boulder and resting her hand in her chin, was dedicated in 1996.  Mrs. Roosevelt stands in Riverside Drive.  Debuted in 2008, the Harriet Tubman Memorial honors the Underground Railroad leader and famed abolitionist.  Even in statue form, Tubman appears proud and on a mission, at Eigth Avenue and 122nd Street.

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