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The Fleet Is In!


The Fleet Is In!¬†ūüöĘ

The 30th Annual New York Fleet Week takes place from May 23 to May 29. The seven-day celebration honors the members of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps. From the opening concert by the Navy Band Northeast to the last boat sailing out of New York Harbor, a variety of great activities await you.

(1) The Parade of Ships officially kicks off Fleet Week with a flotilla of visiting vessels and tall ships cruising along the Hudson River into New York Harbor. The ships dock in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island where they are open for public tours throughout the week.

(2) The USS Intrepid pays homage to veterans including a Memorial Day Commemoration Ceremony. Activities include interactive displays with antique military vehicles; live demonstrations; a movie screening of Top Gun on the Flight Deck; and daily musical performances.

(3) Meet U.S. Marines on Marine Day in Prospect Park. The day includes a workout with Marines, interactive and aviation static displays and demonstrations and a performance by the USMC Battle Color Detachment.

(4) Cheer on service men and women, members of the New York Fire Department and other first responders as they race through the Financial District to the 9/11 Memorial Plaza in the annual Fleet Week Freedom Run. The 1.7 mile fun run concludes with a performance by the U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color Detachment.

(5) Join service members at Liberty State Park as they showcase the latest capabilities of today’s maritime services. The afternoon includes performances by Navy Band Northeast’s “Brass Band” and the USCG Silent Drill Team, Navy helicopter static displays, Navy Dive Tank and demonstrations by the Marine Martial Arts Program and the Coast Guard Search and Rescue.

(6) Enjoy the sounds of several community bands at the Annual Fleet Week New York Music Festival. The family friendly event in Staten Island features local bands providing melodies for all ages to enjoy while honoring our service men and women.

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Experience the Revolution!


Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution captures the dramatic story of the American Revolution through its unmatched collection of nearly 500 Revolutionary-era artifacts. Immersive galleries, powerful theater experiences and interactive digital elements bring to life the creation of our Nation.

Exhibitions offer an inclusive picture of the American Revolution that is often overlooked by other institutions. Artifacts create a modern storytelling experience of the Founding Fathers and soldiers as well as those of enslaved and free Africans, Native Americans and women. Galleries are organized chronologically from the beginning of the conflict in the 1760s to our Nation’s birth. Displays show the challenges of creating a new nation and the Revolutions‚Äô enduring impact around the globe.

Memorable pieces in the museum include General Washington’s Headquarters Tent, an iconic piece of history where President George Washington slept and made world-changing decisions; a two-story replica of the Liberty Tree which shaded colonists as they discussed a revolt against the British; and a large-scale replica of an 18th-century ship.

Throughout Memorial Day weekend, the men and women who lost their lives in service to our country during the American Revolution will be honored. The lives of Revolutionary sailors will also be featured along with why they served and how they thought about wartime losses. Visitors will enjoy boarding the Museum‚Äôs replica ship and witness an auction of a deceased sailor‚Äôs personal effects and meeting historical interpreters portraying the ship’s crew and city dock workers.

Next month, Revolution Place opens, a new discovery center about life in 18th century Philadelphia. On display will be recreated 18th century spaces including a military encampment, a tavern, a home and an 18th century meeting house.

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Our National March


In 1897 on this day, “Stars and Stripes Forever” composed by John Phillip Sousa was performed for the first time in Philadelphia. By a 1987 act of the U.S. Congress, it is the official National March of the United States.

As the birthplace of American freedom, Philadelphia offers an inspiring journey through history. Celebrate freedom at the National Constitution Center, an interactive museum, national town hall and civic education headquarters. Exhibits include rare artifacts that bring the U.S. Constitution to life.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Wishing all of the wonderful Moms a very special day and a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Your Friends at Colonial Capital Tours

Round and Round It Goes


Happy Favorite Photo Friday!
We voted and this photo of the Rotunda at the U.S. Customs House in New York City won!¬†ūüŹÜ

The former Customs House is now the home of the George Gustav Heye Center of the National Museum of the American Indian, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, and the National Archives at New York City.

Designed by Cass Gilbert (who also designed the Woolworth Building further up Broadway), the building is on the National Register of Historic Places, for both its exterior and public interior spaces.

The Rotunda houses murals depicting a thriving shipping and trade industry, American flags, and larger-than-life size portraits of explorers such as Vespucci and Columbus.

Make sure to include a visit to the ornate U.S. Customs House on your next New York City student tour!

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Appreciating Our Teachers!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

The first full week of May is designated as Teacher Appreciation Week, a time for honoring teachers and recognizing all of their contributions.
In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt persuaded Congress to proclaim National Teachers’ Day. Thirty-two years later in 1985, the National Parents Teachers’ Association established Teacher Appreciation Week as we now know it.
Each day the lives of millions of children are changed by their teachers’ kindness, patience and dedication. Teachers educate, inspire and motivate the future leaders of our Nation. Their work and impact is not limited to the classroom but extends far beyond the four walls.
At Colonial Capital Tours, we celebrate all educators and thank you for all that you do for our Nation’s youth.
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Why Travel?


What is your motivation to travel?

For us, we learn when we travel. Educational tours are a great way to learn outside of the four walls of the classroom. On this Teacher Appreciation Week, consider student tours to Washington D.C. or Boston; field trips to New York City or Philadelphia; school trips to Williamsburg or Norfolk; educational tours to Baltimore or Canada.

The world is wide and life is short Рcontact Colonial Capital Tours at 800.334.4754 or visit our sample itineraries on our website Happy Traveling!